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The Eagle River Youth Coalition (ERYC) is proud to share that we have grown our in-school substance use prevention curricula from an average of 150 youth per school year to over 650 youth in the 2015-2016 school year.  Through participant evaluations, there is a decrease in overall alcohol and marijuana use from previous years.  Additional successes include growing the Youth Leaders Council to over 60 youth representing all 6 high schools in the area and increasing the strength of the youth voice in key decision making.  This group is very active and engaged in advising on different issues that affect youth.  ERYC is also happy to report that our local community was the only community in the state to have 100% public and private school participation in the 2015 Healthy Kids Colorado Survey administration.  ERYC works closely with UC Denver and local schools to coordinate the administration of surveys and use the outcomes to create a trend analysis report that guides a collective youth service vision for youth-serving agencies in the Eagle River Valley.  Lastly, a parent education participant recently told the instructors that they had not said I love you to their child in years, they didn’t think it was important, however, after participating in the program, they finally made time to tell their child they love them.
For more information on Eagle River Youth Coalition, visit their website,

Family and Intercultural Resource Center Success Story:
A family was referred to our program because of concerning behavioral issues exhibited by the son.  FIRC heard about this family from several different sources before reaching out to see if the family wanted to enroll. When contacted, the mother was completely stressed out and having trouble finding positive coping mechanisms and outlets for her stress. Her son’s outbursts were constant and she did not know what she could do to help him begin to gain control of his emotions.  The Parent Educator (PE) also noted upon enrollment that the child was having trouble with language development and was delayed in several other cognitive areas.
Through the visits, the Parent Educator connected the child with resources to begin speech therapy, as well as, play therapy. Every visit, the PE would ask about and reinforce the techniques and behaviors that the mother and son were learning with the therapists.  She would provide informative handouts  with simple techniques and ideas for the mother to try with her son.  They focused on helping the son to stop hitting his sister and to stop throwing toys then began to help the mom address problem in a more positive, strengths-based way. The PE and an Early Childhood Mental Health Specialist provided combined home visit to encourage the mom and provide her with additional tools and guidance to help model behavior for her son.
The mother reported that the help from Families United has helped her son and her relationship. Although the son has occasional outbursts, they are few and far between – and his behavior has improved and continues to do so.  He has learned  more words to express what he wants so he resorts to violence less often.  The mom feels much more comfortable with him at home and is starting to enjoy time with him again.  The mom has also exhibited more confidence in her ability to nurture and teach her children – she has also made it a point to have healthy outlets in her life in order to avoid seeking substances when stressed.
For more information on Family and Intercultural Resource Center click here.

Rocky Mountain Youth Corps (RMYC) Success Story:
RMYC’s primary objective is to engage youth in meaningful service and education through outdoor summer programming. In the northwest region, summer alternative activity options are limited. This serves as a meaningful alternative to ATOD uses and offers an opportunity for youth to experience the beautiful landscape of our region while taking part in a paid experience.
RMYC Served 192 youth in Northwest Colorado in 2016 with project locations in Routt, Summit, Clear Creek, Garfield, Eagle, Pitkin, Lake & Larimer Counties. In 2016, RMYC expanded the local Service Learning Crew and Community Development Crew to Garfield, Lake, Eagle and Pitkin County.
Quotes from participants:
“I really learned to trust myself around people. I use to be the person who would always sit back in a crowd and just watch as life would go by; and now, since I’ve joined RMYC, I feel more a part of civilization. I’m starting to get it now. And just being out here, it’s an experience that you will never forget; not just the place, but the people you meet. It’s amazing.”
“The best thing that happened this week during a project was being able to relate to people. What we got accomplished was trail work and I am here to be able to help someone else. Some connections I see is that as an adult you do a lot of work. The way that I would describe RMYC to someone else is a community group that focuses on helping other through service to the community.”
“The best thing that happened on the job this week was just being able to work in such a beautiful environment and get so much done on a project I thought that we wouldn’t be able to get so far on. I am at RMYC this summer because I needed a job and to get out of my trailer. At first the only thing I was hoping to gain was a paycheck but I gained so much more. I gained 8 new friends and many amazing memories.”
Rocky Mountain Youth Corps is based out of Steamboat Springs, CO but serves the 10 counties of Northwest Colorado. For more information, visit their website,

Summit County Youth & Family Services Success Story:
Thanks to PDD funding to Summit County Youth & Family Services we were able to continue our very successful Reconnecting Youth program in our local High School this year.  The Reconnecting Youth program works with the School District to identify students at risk of dropping out or developing unhealthy behaviors (i.e. absences, ditching, tardies, failure, socially isolated, etc.). The Reconnecting Youth program is a semester long program that meets three times a week for two ninety minute sessions and one 45 minute session.  Reconnecting Youth addresses risk factors and also develops protective factors such as high self-esteem, emotional self-regulation, good coping and problem solving skills, and developing connections with peers, adults and community.  This past year was an amazingly successful year.  The first semester one class had seven seniors who were at risk of not graduating on time. The class focused on goal setting and school smart strategies that awarded all seven of the students with a successful graduation. The second semester had a group of ten students who were all failing two classes or more. Every student in that group of ten was passing all of their classes by the end of the school year.  As you can see, there was much to celebrate this year.
For more information about Summit County Youth & Family Services, click here.

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