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Youth have joined Alamosa County Prevention Coalition!
Although there has been a strong prevention coalition in Alamosa County for a number of years, youth have not been at the table until recently. Thanks to networking and mentoring, young people have attended the last several monthly meetings of the Alamosa County Prevention Coalition. One student has been mentored and encouraged by a community stakeholder organization, Tu Casa, and now attends regularly and serves on a standing committee. He and two others had the opportunity to attend the Risk and Protective Factor training and now have new knowledge to share with the community and the coalition. Additionally, nine middle- and high-school students attended the national Students Against Destructive Decisions conference and have much to share. All these young people have the goal of involving others in awareness and prevention efforts. We are thrilled to have their wisdom and energy!

For more information on Alamosa County Prevention Coalition,
contact Beverly Strand, Alamosa County Public Health Department, 719-587-6639, email

Costilla County Public Health Agency Success Story:
Costilla County Public Health had success this year in developing a stronger substance abuse prevention coalition. They have been successful with having strong leaders like the town mayor, a county commissioner, and the town police officer join the coalition. Additionally, through efforts of visiting the local marijuana dispensaries, they were able to sign on a marijuana dispensary owner to sit on the Costilla County Prevention Partners coalition (CCPP). Through his participation in their coalition, they have learned how his dispensaries prevent youth from accessing products. CCPP coalition meetings are held monthly, with an average attendance of 20 community members out of 29 active coalition members.

Another success was the development of a youth committee in both school districts in Costilla county. There are 3 youth consultants in each school. The youth consultants have been working with their peers to form a youth coalition that meet monthly and discuss substance abuse prevention efforts in their school, they then report back to the community collation about their efforts and progress. To help the youth in their roles, they all attended a youth leadership training to gain skills on recruiting and running effective meetings. The youth also set up a booth at the local Octoberfest and handed out substance abuse prevention information to the community and spoke to individuals about the program. This year, the youth consultants planned and took part in Red Ribbon week activities, some of the activities they chose were: planting red tulips, creating red handprint banner and a door decorating contest that was Halloween and drug free themed.

For more information on Costilla County Public Health and the Costilla County Prevention Coalition, contact Lisa Casias,

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