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Lake County Build a Generation is excited to share a bit about the youth research project they’re working on. Read on to see what they have going on.

“This fall, we hired four Lake County teens to help us conduct a triangulation research project.  The goal of this project is to help us identify the messages that Lake County youth are receiving about substance use/abuse. The researchers have facilitated several focus groups with local youth to learn the messages that they have received, in our community, about substance abuse.  The youth also brainstormed the locations that are the most popular places for Lake County youth to congregate, and then went to those locations to take photos and notes of the messages they encountered. These messages included advertisements for alcohol and marijuana-related business in town as well as signage relating to rules and policies around substance use. The youth also recognized that nearly every liquor store, bar and marijuana dispensary can be found on (or very near) main street in Leadville, Harrison Avenue.  The final element was a panel interview with adults selected by the youth researchers.  In this panel interview, featuring Lake County adults from a variety of generations, the adults discussed the messages that they received as teens and this gave the youth the opportunity to compare responses from the adults to the messages identified by teens today.

It’s really important to have strong youth involvement when you are working on an effort that directly impacts the lives of youth and this project feels like a great way to build that involvement.  The most rewarding part of this project has been seeing the teens connect to the topic of youth substance abuse.  This project has set up our youth researchers to be position to speak to the realities of youth substance use/abuse in Lake County and this gives them an important position at the table as we move forward with our work.  This project has helped our youth become seen as experts in their community and encourages continued civic involvement in the future.”

For more information on Lake County Build a Generation, contact John Nelson

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