The Statewide Training and Technical Assistance Substance Abuse Prevention Project, is a regionally based consulting project, funded by the Colorado Department of Human Services (CDHS) Office of Behavioral Health (OBH).

The Project provides training, consultation, and technical assistance support to Colorado agencies, communities, and coalitions working with children, youth, and families around primary prevention for substance misuse and abuse.  This includes all OBH prevention funded grantees as well as community groups that contribute to substance abuse prevention efforts locally and statewide.


  • Build the capacity of organizations and agencies in areas critical to their ability to provide high quality and successful substance misuse and abuse prevention programs.
  • Build the capacity of community coalitions addressing substance misuse and abuse prevention issues to implement the Strategic Prevention Framework and other best practices for increased effectiveness and improved outcomes.
  • Develop the professional skills of Colorado substance misuse and abuse prevention workforce through trainings and other workforce development activities offered by the project, as demonstrated by an  increase in substance misuse and abuse prevention knowledge. (*All current trainings qualify for the Colorado Certified Prevention Specialist (CCPS) application or recertification.)

Colorado Model & Approach

  • The regionally based training and technical assistance consultants reside in and work across Colorado to provide locally accessible, customized services to all 6 OBH regions for substance misuse and abuse prevention efforts.
  • The consultants seek to ensure that services are informed by local knowledge, expertise, and cultural understanding of the area.
  • The presence and participation at the community and state level help the consultants provide a coordinated and integrated approach to statewide technical assistance and training for substance misuse and abuse prevention and other related prevention efforts.